Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market Share and Future Growth to 2028 | SWOT Analysis by Players

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Lipoprotein metabolism disorders is are the disorders are cause because of harmful amount of lipids to build up in the body. Lipids are fats or fat-like substance include oils, waxes, fatty acids, cholesterol. Body of lipoprotein metabolism disorders effected person may not work properly and can’t convert the fats into energy. Main disorders of lipid metabolism are hypertriglyceridemia, mixed hyperlipoproteinemia, LDL-hypercholesterolemia, and low HDL cholesterol. According to changes in lipoprotein classes’ lipoprotein metabolism disorder are classified hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP) and dylipoproteinemia (DLP). According to cause lipoprotein disorder are classified in primary HLP/DLP and secondary HLP/DLP. Some of the drugs are used to treat lipoprotein metabolism disorder bezafibrate, fenofibrate, gemfibrozil, cholestryramine, colestipol and other. Bezafibrate lowers cholesterol and triglycerides. It also decreases low density lipoproteins and increase high density lipoproteins. Fenofibrate is a prodrug of fenofibric acid which reduces both cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Gemfibrozil is lipid regulating agent that lower variable reduction in cholesterol. Colestipol is non-absorbed, lipid-lowering polymer that binds acids in the intestine, blocking their reabsorption.

Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market: Drivers and Restraints-

Lipoprotein metabolism disorder treatment market is showing high growth in forecast period due to prevalence of high fat diets, obesity and physical inactivity. Lipoprotein metabolism disorder treatment is also increase due to high prevalence of cardiovascular disease due to body not convert lipids and fats into energy. Some other factors which increase lipoprotein metabolism treatment market are increasing healthcare expenditure, growing healthcare awareness and research and development in pharmaceutical. Lifestyle modification plays a major role in treatment of lipoprotein metabolism disorder.

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Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market: Segmentation

  • Segmentation by Drug class-
    • Benzene and substituted derivatives
    • Fatty acyls
    • Epoxides
    • Others
  • Segmentation by Indication-
    • According to lipoprotein class
      • Hyperlipoproteinemia (HLP)
      • Dylipoproteinemia (DLP)
    • According to Cause
      • Primary HLP/DLP
      • Secondary HLP/DLP
    • Segmentation by Distribution Channel
      • Hospital Pharmacies
      • Retail Pharmacies
      • Online
      • Others

Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market: Overview

Lipid metabolism disorder are very common disorder. They play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and can be effectively treated by drugs and lifestyle changes. Clinical IMPORTANCE of lipoprotein metabolism disorders derives mainly from the role of lipoprotein in atherogenesis and associated risk of coronary and peripheral vascular disease. The greatly increase risk of acute pancreatitis is associated with lipid metabolism disorder. Characterization of lipid metabolism disorder is important for selection of appropriate treatment. Intensity of treatment depends on the severity of lipid metabolism disorder and overall cardiovascular risk. New treatment and drugs are develop for the lipoprotein metabolism disorder. Particularly significant among them are proprotein convertase subtilistin/kexin type 9 antibodies. These medicine can lead to 50 to 60% reduction in LDL cholesterol. Statins play an important role in medicinal treatment. Statin plus ezetimibe combination shows positive results.

Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market: Region-wise Outlook

In terms of geography, lipoprotein metabolism disorders treatment market has been divided into seven regions including North- America, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, and Asia- Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ), Japan Middle-East & Africa and Latin America. North America is expected to dominate the global lipoprotein metabolism disorders treatment market during the forecast period. North America is dominate global lipoprotein metabolism disorders treatment market due high awareness about increasing healthcare disorders. Europe is another fastest growing region followed by North America. Asia Pacific is expected to be the fastest growing region in future. Owning to its high population base and high disposable income.

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Lipoprotein Metabolism Disorders Treatment Market: Key Market Participants

Example of some key market participants are Actavis Group ptc.Ehf, Roche Holding AG, Watson Pharma Inc., Glaxosmithkline Inc, Cardinal Health, Par Pharmaceutical, Pfizer, Impax laboratories Inc. and other are major player which contribute to global amino acid metabolism disorder treatment market. Key market players are focusing on emerging market to increase their presence in internationally.


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