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Epidiolex Launch Insight, 2019

DelveInsight provides comprehensive insights about Epidiolex 's launch

Press Release

Epidiolex Launch Insight, 2019” report by DelveInsight provides comprehensive insights about Epidiolex ‘s launch. The report covers all indications for which Epidiolex is being developed and also provides its competitive landscape for the major indications. The report further includes patent details, forecasted sales till 2022 and post launch market positioning. Epidiolex Post-Launch Market Positioning Scenario The report will provide a clear picture of market positioning of the upcoming launch of Epidiolex and will also provide the insight about how Epidiolex will evolve in the market as well as within its respective class. Report provides detailed information of clinical trials that have been or are being conducted for this product. Analysis and Insightful information around the clinical trials is provided by assessment of the trial results. Epidiolex Attributes Analysis Attributes analysis carried out by our analysts helps in understanding how the upcoming launch scores itself in comparison to other competitors (both marketed and pipeline). The scoring and analysis has been based upon scrutinizing data from all key clinical trials for the product. A head to head comparison with marketed products if available is scanned thoroughly. Further, analyzing data of other competitors with regards to the product also assists in proper scoring of the product in its space.
Data used in the report are sourced primarily from internal databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by DelveInsight’s team of industry experts. Information and data from the secondary sources have been obtained from various printable and non-printable sources like search engines, news websites, global regulatory authorities websites, trade journals, white papers, magazines, books, trade associations, industry associations, industry portals and access to available databases.
Scope of the report
• Epidiolex Detailed product description including its chemical properties, molecule type and mechanism of action
• Epidiolex Detailed description of non-clinical and clinical studies for all the indications
• Epidiolex Patent expiry analysis of the drug along with other competitors in the market
• Epidiolex Forecasted sales till 2022
• Epidiolex market positioning analysis
• Epidiolex class share evolution
Reasons to Buy
• Establish a comprehensive understanding of the emerging product, Epidiolex
• Understand Epidiolex `s therapeutic performance through pre-clinical and clinical characterization in its associated indications
• Identify the upcoming launch timeline of Epidiolex
• Plan effective competitive strategy by understanding Epidiolex `s market positioning post-launch and its in-class market evolution
• Plan counter-effective strategies around Epidiolex `s patents expiry details
• Understand and analyze post launch growth prospects of Epidiolex through its forecasted sales
• Identify Epidiolex `s attributes and use it for target finding, drug repurposing, and precision medicine
• Identify the competitors in the same space as Epidiolex

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Table of contents      

1. Report Introduction
2. Epidiolex Overview
3. Epidiolex : Mechanism of action
4. Pre-clinical Characterization
• Indication 1
• Indication 2
5. Clinical Characterization
• Indication 1
• Indication 2
6. Product Developmental Activities
• Collaboration
• Mergers & Acquisitions
• Financing
7. Epidiolex Market Evolution
8. Epidiolex Class Share Evolution
9. Epidiolex Market Positioning
10. Patent Expiry Analysis
11. Competitive Landscape for Epidiolex in major indications
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