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Key Facts About the Global Notoginseng Extract Market: Read More Below

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The notoginseng extract is obtained from Parax notoginseng plant. The notoginseng extract is mainly used in pharmaceutical products. the pharmaceutical application for the notoginseng extract are the reduction of bleeding time, increase blood circulation, cardiac health wellness, removal of the blood clot, and other blood-related diseases can be treated by it.  Notoginseng extract is obtained by ethanol extraction of the Parax Notoginseng plant roots. Notoginseng saponins are used as a bioactive compound in a lot of biochemical reactions.

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The active ingredients of the notoginseng extract are ginsenoside Rb1, Rg1, Rd, Re, and Rb2. All of this carries a different functionality as a pharmaceutical. This makes notoginseng extract a demanded source is pharmaceutical industry.

North America is the largest exporter of the notoginseng extract in the global market followed by China and Korea. The market has a global approach as all the regions are showing a growth in the alternative and natural medicinal product market. A high growth is anticipated in the coming years from the pharmaceutical market.

The drivers for notoginseng extract are its product placing which is alternative medicine. Also being isolated from the natural source it makes the notoginseng extract very premium nutraceuticals used for cardiovascular and blood medicines. Pharmaceutical is already a multi-billion dollar market and is projected to reach a trillion by next 10 years. This will drive the notoginseng extract market with a healthy demand.

The restrain that is present in the recent market scenario is regulatory bodies of different countries which have a strong stand against alternative medicine market.

The key global players for the notoginseng extract market are Ningbo Liwah Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc, Carbosynth Limited, Sigma-Aldrich Co. LLC, Wuhan ChemFaces Biochemical Co., Ltd, Shaanxi Huayu Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, Baoji Herbest Bio-Tech Co., Ltd, Huzhou zhanshu bio technology co.,Ltd, FortopChem Technology Limited.


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