Rugged Electronics Market – Power Industry Plays an Important Role for Developement

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Rugged electronics are a specific class of electronics designed to work in harsh environments; they can withstand dust, drops, vibrations, and extreme temperatures. Growth in the usage of rugged electronic devices in the defense sector worldwide and their widened application areas are some of the reasons that are expected to drive the global rugged electronics market in the coming years.

The additional value they provide in the form of their durability and low downtime is expected to enhance the market’s growth prospects. However, the market is anticipated to be hindered by the low order quantity from individual end users. Moreover, the high cost of rugged electronics in comparison to the benefits of client customization is also expected to be a major restraint to the growth of the global rugged electronics market.

The global rugged electronics market is mainly divided into several segments based on product type, end user, and geography. Considering the product type criteria, the market for rugged electronics consists of segments such as: rugged tracking devices, rugged hardware components, rugged industrial computing and hand-held devices, and others such as rugged sensors, security cameras, and rugged drones.

Based on the end user criteria, the global rugged electronics market is segmented into transportation, healthcare, power, mining and metal, aerospace, adventure sports, TSA, homeland security, defense, and others. All of these are further divided in several sub-segments and are explained in detail in the TMR report. Based on geography, the global rugged electronics market is classified according to Asia Pacific, North America, Middle East and Africa, Europe, and South America.

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Considering factors such as presence of market players across different regions, individual company market shares, and position held by each player, the report describes competitive landscape in great detail. The key market players are listed down on the basis of their market share in the overall market. This section also details various developments carried out by the major companies in recent times.

Some of the most prominent companies in the market are: Artesyn Embedded Technologies, Chassis Plans LLC, Core Systems, General Dynamics Corporation, and Trenton Systems Inc., amongst others. From an overall perspective, the global rugged electronics market is likely to offer substantial growth opportunities to key players,, mainly because of expanding applications of these devices.


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