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Disc Insulators Market Growth, Trends, Absolute Opportunity and Value Chain 2017-2027

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Global Upsurge in the Electricity Demand to Fuel Disc Insulators Market Growth

The global demand for electricity is growing at an exponential rate owing to the rising population and flourishing consumer electronics market. Further, a spike in the use of renewable resources for the production of electricity is allowing the electricity market to prosper.

The International Energy Agency revealed that the world electricity demand increased by 3.1% in 2017 which was significantly higher than the overall energy demand across verticals. The rise in the global electricity demand alludes to the restructuring of the transmission systems to accommodate the rise in demand. Ongoing researches in the area aim to aid in designing of disc insulators that could function effectively while transmitting larger voltages to meet consumer demands. These broader factors are influencing activity in disc insulators market.

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Overcoming Pollution Induced Voltage Flashovers Remains a Daunting Challenge for Disc Insulator Manufacturers

The presence of moisture, salts, dust, industrial pollutants, and desert sand on the surface of disc insulators have been found out to cause a leakage of charges and current. Apart from causing voltage dips, pollution-induced voltage flashovers can cause short-circuiting, sparking, and arcing. The voltage dips significantly impact the transmission system and can cause major damage to industrial and household equipment.

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Although developments in the area in the form of longer leakage path designs and use of conductive glazed insulators to counter pollution induced voltage flashovers have been made, they have failed to provide a full-proof solution to the problem. The uncertainty surrounding the factors that cause the voltage flashovers coupled with the inability of disc insulators to efficiently prevent flashover occurrences continues to hamper the growth of the disc insulators market.

Defect Detection Remains a Key Focus Area for Disc Insulator Manufacturers

The presence of defects in disc insulators is one of the major reasons which impacts the efficiency of insulators and can cause leakage of charges. The consequences of partial discharge leakage can cause short-circuiting and eventually the breakdown of the power transmission system. Ongoing research aimed at detection of defects before utilizing a disc insulator could aid manufacturers in identifying flaws in the production process. The information can be further used to streamline the manufacturing process to produce insulators disc with minimum defects and maximum efficiency. Moreover, the study also aims to employ the same techniques to monitor the functioning of disc insulators in the power transmission systems and identify the causes that can cause certain defects. The successful manifestation of defect detection procedures can help manufacturers in producing high-quality disc insulators for use in power transmission systems.

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Nanotechnology has the Potential to Transform the Disc Insulators Market

Polymeric and ceramic material has found widespread adoption in the manufacturing of disc insulators owing to their good performance and slow environmental aging. However, the ceramic and polymeric substances possess hydrophilic surfaces which allow for the development of conductive water surfaces over time. The conductive film formed by water provides for large charge leaks which can ultimately lead to voltage flashovers and cause serious damage to power transmission systems. Application of nanotechnology particles on surfaces of disc insulators manufactured using ceramic and polymeric materials to reduce charge leakage and improve efficiency can provide a pathway for substantially enhancing the performance. Further, nanotechnology applications offer promising prospects that can aid in minimizing the design of disc insulators and save on manufacturing material.

Disc Insulators Market: Competitive Landscape

  • To counter the problem of pollution-induced voltage flashovers in Iran, the government ordered replacing the porcelain and glass disc insulators with high-quality polymer composite insulators. Further, an order to periodically clean and cover the insulators with suitable coatings was issued.
  • During a recent meeting of the GCC Interconnection Authority (GCCIA) members of the council which include Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Oman, and Saudi Arabia announced the commencement of a project aimed at linking their electrical systems by creating an energy highway consisting of HDVC systems and converter stations.
  • Another notable development to counter the adverse impacts of voltage flashovers was the invention of a customized drone for the periodic cleaning of insulators in France. The drone was successful in cleaning an 8000 HV tower in 3 days.

Disc Insulators Market: Regional Outlook

The disc insulators market is estimated to grow at an exponential rate in the Asia Pacific owing to the increased investments into revamping the infrastructure for production and supply of electricity by emerging economies in the region. Economies like China, India, and Japan are expanding their power transmission systems to serve rural areas which are further expected to propel the growth of disc insulators market in the region. The demand for disc insulators in North America is expected to pick up the pace as multiple transmission line projects in the continent are set to start. With increasing demand for electrification in railways in Europe, the sales of disc insulators in the region are estimated to rise at a steady rate. The flourishing industrial sector in the Middle East and Africa is expected to drive the demand for disc insulators in the region.

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