Glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) Plastic Pipes Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 – 2026

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Glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) Plastic Pipes Market: Overview

Glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) plastic pipes are pipes manufactured from the GFR plastic material, also known as GRP (Glass-fiber-reinforced Plastic) or FRP (Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic). The material is a combination of glass fibers and resins, wherein resins provide chemical and environmental resistance to the product, apart from acting as a binder for glass fibers in the structural laminate.

Glass-fiber-reinforced plastics offer several advantages over other reinforced plastics. They are highly resistant to corrosion. This property is attributable to both the resin content and the type of resin. Corrosion resistance increases with rise in the resin content.

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Glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) Plastic Pipes Market: Drivers & Restraints

Another distinct advantage of glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) plastics is their low weight-to-strength ratio. For the same amount of strength provided by a material, GFR plastic weighs only 50% of aluminum and around 14% of steel. This property is highly significant if the manufacturing cost, transportation, and ease of installation of GFR plastic pipes are considered. Several materials other than GFR plastic can be used to avoid or prolong the onset of corrosion. These include rubber lining, titanium, and exotic stainless steel. However, GFR plastic costs lower than these materials and hence, it is a more preferred option.

Flexibility offered by GFR plastic is highly important in the manufacture of pipes. GFR plastic can be used for molding pipes in almost any type of configuration such as round or rectangular shapes including Tee inlets, flanges, and elbows.

However, the use of GFR plastic is also held back due to health related factors. Excess contact between resins and human skin are harmful to humans. Relevant regulatory guidelines are in place to ensure proper handling, transport, and storage of GFR plastic products, including pipes.

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Glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) Plastic Pipes Market: Key Players

Several large companies operate in the global glass-fiber-reinforced (GFR) plastic pipes market, for example, Kolon Industries Inc., Amiblu Holding GmbH, Megha Fibre Glass Industries Ltd., and Fibrex.


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